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Shipping & Returns 

Shipping Policy

Shipping on general products will be determined by the UPS rate. That is based on total weight, number of items, and the required packaging. There is a small percentage upcharge, and that pays for packing peanuts or other protection that is needed but not included in the UPS total charge. That fee also covers the price fluctuation, since the UPS rate won't be exact.

Freight Shipping is required for the props that are midgets and larger. Shipping cost is based on destination, weight, and crating. The shipping cost will be determined after we review your order and use those three factors. We will send you the total price that will include shipping in your confirmation email.

Return & Exchange Policy

Returns will happen only on online orders. If you bought something at a show, the best option will be an exchange. Since we don't have "proof" of what your specific order was, we don't want something that was stolen to be returned. If you ordered something online, then you will send an email to, with RETURN - YOUR NAME in the subject line. We will review your order, and determine the best course of action with you. If a product specifically says that we don't offer returns, we don't offer returns on that product.

Exchanges can happen if you bought something from us from a show, or from the website. If you bought something and it was the wrong size, or you changed your mind, send an email to with EXCHANGE - YOUR NAME in the subject line. We will review your order, and either get the correct size sent to you, or determine your refund. If you bought something that is broken or damaged, you will do the same thing as a normal exchange, but in the body of the text say that the product was broken, and send a picture(s) of the issue(s). We will get a new one shipped to you, or we will determine another course of action. If you bought something broken at a show, come back to the booth and we will get you taken care of right then. During the show, you can either email, DM, or text or call our phone number. 

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