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​We have started doing raffles at our shows. Make sure you come to our booth so that you have a chance to win some great items! We have two main raffles. The first is a business card raffle. Everyone who owns a business will put their business card in a bow on our table, and the winner will win a head. The other raffle is for everyone who buy $50 worth of product from us. If you do that, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and tag us with either saying what you like, or a review of what you got, you can get an entry that way as well. The winner of that entry can pick between a few prizes! Below is a list of prizes, what the giveaway was, and who won it! There will also be a list of the possibilities you can win from a raffle.

  • Severed Zombie Head on Hook - General Raffle, Monsterpalooza

    • Winner - ​

  • Severed Zombie Head on Hook - Business Card Raffle, Transworld.

    • Winner - 

Giveaway Winners

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